Introducing Indiana Vodka Zero

Introducing Indiana Vodka Zero, the world’s first zero proof, calorie free vodka!

This calorie free vodka is the smoothest, cleanest vodka on the planet. 

We start with premium Indiana corn to produce a clean crisp vodka that is six times distilled. It is then blended with pure spring water to produce our Gold Medal winning Indiana Vodka. 

We then do something unprecedented and unique in the spirits industry. We add our award winning Indiana Vodka back into our copper pot still and distill it down to zero proof to produce a clean, crisp zero proof and calorie free vodka.

Master Distiller, Stuart says, “We spend hundreds of hours carefully crafting this vodka and then distilling it down to zero proof. This is an amazing zero proof vodka! It ss so smooth you might think you are drinking just water.”


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