• Terlato Wines Partners with Heartland Distillers

    June 4, 2014

     LAKE BLUFF, Ill., June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Terlato Wines, a leading U.S. marketer of luxury wines and spirits, announced today a partnership with Indiana’s Heartland Distillers to jointly produce and market a collection of luxury American craft spirits. This represents the newest addition to the Terlato Artisan Spirits portfolio.

    “When we started building our Artisan Spirits Portfolio, we knew it would need to include a selection of unique and distinctive hand-crafted American spirits,” said Terlato Wines CEO William A. Terlato.  “Small-batch American spirits are one of the fastest growing and most dynamic categories in the U.S. drinks market, especially with Millennials. We have been looking for a distillery partner who has the knowledge and passion to craft exceptional spirits of the highest quality and character.  Our partnership and co-development of spirits with Heartland Distillers marks our entry into the luxury American craft spirits segment.”

    Heartland Distillers is Indiana’s first new distillery since Prohibition ended in 1933.  Founded in 2008 and based in Indianapolis, Heartland is renewing Indiana’s 200 year-old distilling heritage (which largely ended during Prohibition.)  Heartland uses locally grown ingredients and time-tested techniques married with modern technology to produce unique spirits of the highest quality.

    “We are thrilled to partner with the Terlato family,” said Stuart Hobson, Heartland Distillers founder and master distiller. “My personal passion and quest to distill exceptional spirits in my home state of Indiana led me to start Heartland Distillers.  The partnership with Terlato Artisan Spirits is an exciting step in this journey, and we look forward to collaborating with the Terlato family and their team to produce products that speak to the terroir and history of Indiana distillation.”

    Terlato and Heartland Distillers expect to launch their first offering – Prohibition Gin – in late 2014.  It will be followed by Spring Mill whiskey and bourbon in 2015.

    The Terlato Artisan Spirits portfolio includes a selection of hand-crafted premium spirits from around the world.  The portfolio has a dedicated sales and marketing team that works alongside Terlato’s Premier and Estate wine marketing and sales teams.  The portfolio includes Adelphi single-malt, single-cask Scotch, Don Pancho Origenes aged rum, Heartland Prohibition gin, Langley’s No. 8 distilled London gin, Marnier XO Cognac, Nonino Amaro and Grappas, Riazul 100 percent Blue Agave Tequila, Springmill whiskey and bourbon, Tigre Blanc French Vodka and Tiramisu Liqueur. Terlato Wines has a global portfolio of more than 70 brands from more than a dozen countries.

    The Terlato Wines and Spirits portfolio includes:Napa Valley: Chimney Rock, EPISODE, Galaxy, Jack Nicklaus Wines, Luke Donald Collection, Markham Vineyards, Rutherford Hill, Tangley Oaks, Terlato Family Vineyards; Sonoma County:  Alderbrook, Giarrusso, Hanna, Rochioli, The Federalist, Terlato Family Vineyards; Santa Barbara County: Flor de Campo, Sanford;California Appellation: Glass Mountain, Greystone Cellars, Mike Ditka Wines, Seven Daughters;  Oregon: Sokol Blosser;Washington State: Grace Lane; Argentina: Cuarto Dominio,Tamari; Australia: Domaine Terlato & Chapoutier, The Lucky Country, Twelftree  Wines, Two Hands; Austria: Kracher; Canada: Peller Estates; Chile: Lapostolle; France: Belleruche by M. Chapoutier, Champagne Bollinger, Chateau de Sancerre, Chateau Timberlay, Domaine Chanson, Domaine Ramonet, Langlois-Chateau, M. Chapoutier, MARIUS, Mischief & Mayhem; Greece: Boutari; Italy: Anselmi, Berlucchi, Ca’Marcanda (GAJA Toscana), Colavita, Cusumano, Fizz 56, GAJA, Goretti, Il Poggione, Mazzoni (Toscana), Nino Franco, Santa Margherita, Torresella; Japan: Shimizu-no-mai Sake; Mediterranean: Elios; New Zealand: Loveblock, Turning Heads, Wairau River; South Africa: Anthonij Rupert, Ernie Els, Guardian Peak, Protea, Rust en Vrede; Spain: Bodegas Valdemar, Marco Abella.  Artisan Spirits: Adelphi Scotch, Don Pancho Origenes Rum, Heartland Prohibition Gin, Langley’s No. 8 Gin, Marnier XO Cognac, Nonino, Riazul Tequila, Spring Mill Whiskey and Bourbon,Tigre Blanc French Vodka and Tiramisu Liqueur. 

  • Spring Mill Bourbon

    December 1, 2012


    November 3rd, 2012




    Indiana Distilling Company Releases New Twice-Barreled 
    Spring Mill Bourbon



    The Colglazier & Hobson Distilling Company, co-founded by Matt Colglazier and Heartland Distillers’ Stuart Hobson announced today the release of their new, twice-barreled, Spring Mill Bourbon

    The 90 proof bourbon is aged for four years in new charred oak barrels, decanted, and then transferred to a second set of new charred oak, delivering unique sweet oak and ripe fruit flavors on the palate, with a clean, spicy finish. While not made in Kentucky, Spring Mill is proud to legally call itself bourbon, as well as continue in the tradition of Hoosier whiskey production.

    In fact, prior to the Civil War, one the most popular whiskeys served in New Orleans bars went by the name Old Hamer, which was produced in the historic grist mill town of Spring Mill, near modern-day Mitchell, Indiana. Turning excess grain into profitable whiskey was a practical as well as economic decision, reducing the travelling size of a farmer’s profits, and creating a product that could be shipped long distances.

    160 years later, Matt Colglazier and Stuart Hobson, inspired by the ancient distillery which still stands on the grounds of Spring Mill’s Pioneer Village as a museum, present Spring Mill Bourbon, packaged in an industry-first stoneware wine bottle, imported directly from Moschheim, Germany.  

    “We excited for people to finally see and taste Spring Mill Bourbon. We think the bourbon in the bottle and the package itself, are completely unique. The depth of flavor, combined with a bottle that people will want to collect, are right in line with the kind of innovations we’re bringing to market.,” stated co-founder Matt Colglazier.  

    To learn more visit

    Colglazier & Hobson Distilling Co. 
    9402 Uptown Drive, Suite 1000
    Indianapolis,  IN  46256

    Stuart Hobson

    Matt Colglazier

  • Indiana Infusions Now Available in Indiana

    December 1, 2010


    The newest release from Heartland Distillers is available from Olinger Distributing.  Indiana Infusions infused vodka is available in seven unique flavors.  Cherry Vanilla, Chai Tea, Orange Cream, Chocolate Espresso, Lemon Honey, Raspberry Citrus, and Double Vanilla each burst forth with fresh and vibrant flavors.  Indiana Infusions begin with six times distilled, award winning Indiana Vodka.  After our last distillation but before we blend to bottling strength, we infuse the vodka with care and precision to produce each vibrant flavor.   Each Indiana Infusion is bottled at 80 proof.

    Six of our seven infusions are a pairing of two or more flavors.  We discovered something interesting when doing research at the distillery.  Many of the single infusions we came up with were boring, one dimensional, or worse, just not good.  For example no matter how many ways we tried to make just cherry vodka, it always tasted a little too much like cough syrup.  However, when we infused the cherry with a touch of vanilla something magical happened—great taste!  So an idea was born to pair primary flavors with complementary flavors to produce a balanced infused vodka.  Try our Indiana Infusions and we think you will agree that our infusions are something magical.

    Indiana Infusions Cherry Vanilla goes great with colas, flavored colas, and colored soft drinks like Dr. Pepper.  Stimulate yourself with Cherry Vanilla and Red Bull.  This infusion also makes a great cherry soda when added to club soda with a touch of grenadine.    Try a Cherry Vanilla lime aid by adding in a little sweet and sour mix, to some limon-lime soft drinks, and a shot of Cherry Vanilla.  Cherry Vanilla really shows when poured as a traditional martini.

    Our unique Indiana Infusions Chai Tea infused vodka makes a spicy, herbal holiday egg nog when added to your favorite nog.  A shot of Chai Tea spices up coffee and coffee drinks.  Any creamy drink is enhanced with this unique herbal vodka.  Try our Chai Tea vodka with club soda or tonic for a Asian  twist on some old favorites.  Really enjoy the full herbal flavor with a Chai Tea martini.

    Indiana Infusions Orange Cream makes for flavorful dreamcicle drinks with added to neutral mixers like club soda or paired with orange sodas.  Brighten up your favorite orange juice with the orange vanilla taste of our infused Orange Cream.  Add Orange Cream to creative cocktails and blender drinks for something different.  The vanilla in our Orange Cream is sure to brighten up a traditional cosmopolitan.  Orange Cream also makes a great martini on its own.

    A perfect after dinner martini can be made with Indiana Infusions Chocolate Espresso.  Just shake with ice, strain into a martini class, and garnish with a piece of chocolate.  Our Chocolate Espresso infusion also mixes well with nutty liqueurs and cream liqueurs and takes your favorite coffee to another level.

    Indiana Infusions Lemon Honey infused vodka adds a great twist to lemon-lime soft drinks.   Club soda and Lemon Honey make for a refreshing cocktail.  The honey component of our Lemon Honey adds an additional and flavorful element to the traditional lemon drop.    Add Lemon Honey to fresh lemonade for a great summer drink and in the fall our Lemon Honey adds another dimension to bloody marys.  Mix Lemon Honey, sweet and sour mix, and a dash of raspberry liquor to taste, to make a fantastic pink lemonade.  

    We’ve added a touch of citrus to a traditional raspberry infused vodka to take a touch off the bitterness flavor of the raspberry in our Indiana Infusions Raspberry Citrus infused vodka.  Raspberry Citrus will go well with citrus and lemon-lime sodas.  This versatile infused vodka goes will with a wide range of mixes from orange juice to ginger beer.  The touch of citrus adds a floral note to a traditional straight raspberry martini.

    Indiana Infusions Double Vanilla is kicked up vanilla at its best.  Add this infusion to colas and citrus sodas for a creamy vanilla taste.  Our Double Vanilla makes for a great martini on its own or adds complexity to cocktails.  Add Double Vanilla to an almond liqueur for a nutty cocktail.    Pair Double Vanilla with ginger ale for a refreshing cream soda.  Double Vanilla makes great cocktails such as buttertinis, white russians, and chocolate cocktails.

    Ask your favorite retailer to carry all seven of the Indiana Infusions.


  • Indiana Vodka Wins Medal in LA Spirits Competition

    July 1, 2010

    One of Only 27 Vodkas to Medal

    Indiana Vodka garnered another award last month winning a bronze medal at the prestigious Los Angeles International Wine & 

    Spirits Competition.  Wines and Spirits from all over the world competed in this 70 year old annual competition.


    The Judges awarded only 27 medals to vodkas/flavored vodkas.  Half of those medals went to various flavored vodkas.  This is only the second competition that we've entered.  To date, we have won one gold medal and one bronze.  We think that's quite a showing. 

  • Gold Medal Awarded to Indiana Vodka

    March 25, 2010

    Gold Medal Awarded to Indiana Vodka

    Having produced Indiana Vodka for a little over a year now, we decided it was time to see if we could win a little bling.  With that in mind, last month we pulled a few bottles of Indiana Vodka off the bottling line and sent them to San Francisco for the prestigous World Spirits Competition.

    Of course we think we make great vodka, but what would the experts say?  Well, they loved IV enough to award us a Gold Medal on our first try!  Now the experts agree, world class vodka is being made once again in Indiana.

    The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the most influential and respected spirits competition in the world. The 2010 Competition was the biggest in its history. Thirty judges gathered in downtown San Francisco on March 13 and 14 to reward spirits excellence by evaluating 1024 different spirits from 57 countries. These judging panels were comprised of spirits experts from noted restaurants and hotels, well-known spirits journalists from major national media, spirits buyers for large purveyors, and spirits consultants. Judging was based on a blind, consensual procedure, ensuring competitive integrity as it remains the most recognized competition in the spirits industry.

  • Prohibition Gin to Ship the Week of March 14th

    March 11, 2010

    After much delay, Prohibition Gin will be finished and ready to ship the week of March 14th.  The distillery, located on the northside of Indianapolis, is scheduled to bottle on March 15th.  Prohibition Gin is the second product release from Heartland Distillers. 

    Heartland Distillers was founded in 2008 by Stuart Hobson.  At the time, it was the first newly licensed distillery to open in Indiana since the Prohibition Era.

    Prohibition Gin harkens back to the Prohibition Era and especially the pre-Prohibition era when the cocktail was king.  It's recipe is based on a late 19th century recipe that Hobson discovered.

    "I'm really happy with how the gin has turned out," said Distiller Stuart Hobson.  "It has a real bright herbal character that is very pleasing."

    "It will still take a few weeks for bottles to filter out to the stores and restaurants, but our customers should start to see it in the stores soon,"

  • Indiana Vodka Heads to Super Bowl XLIV.

    January 25, 2010

    Indiana Vodka is heading to Miami for Superbowl XLIV.  We will be at the Cafe Iguana Pines in Pembroke Pines, just a short drive from Sun Life Stadium.  The Blue Crew will be heading south and will be there.  If you are going to the game, join us for two great parties on Saturday night and gameday.

    8358 Pines Blvd
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
    (954) 433-8787


  • Heartland Distillers to Release Prohibition Gin March 2010

    December 23, 2009

    Heartland Distillers announces that it will release Prohibition Gin in March of 2010.  According to owner and distiller Stuart Hobson, "We have made our first batch and are just waiting for our labels to be shipped.  Our first label didn't work well on the bottle, so we had to have the entire lable re-designed and reprinted."

  • Indiana Vodka Named an Indiana Artisan

    November 12, 2009

    Heartland Distillers LLC was informed that its Indiana Vodka brand vodka has been awarded the Indiana Artisan designation.  This designation is awarded only to a few select producers and artists.  We are highly honored to receive the prestigious designation in our inaugural year.


    Indiana Artisan supports entrepreneurs who create high-quality art, crafts and value-added foods in the Hoosier state. A venture of the Indiana Office of Tourism Development, the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, the Indiana Arts Commission and the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, this comprehensive program was launched in 2008 to:

    • Raise awareness about the availability of locally-crafted products
    • Establish a brand for Indiana-made goods
    • Provide artisans, particularly those in rural areas, with access to entrepreneurial support including training and networking opportunities
    • Support artisan trail and retail development
    • Encourage visitation to Indiana
    To date the Indiana Artisan designation as been awarded to only 122 Indiana producers, craftsmen, and artists.  


  • Heartland Distillers' Indiana Vodka Chosen

    October 7, 2009

    Heartland Distillers, a dedicated artisan distiller of handcrafted spirits, partnered with celebrated chef Neal Brown to create this year's signature cocktail for the Heartland Film Festival. Indiana Vodka, one of Heartland Distillers' premier spirits, was used in the Basil and Lime Rickey. The recipe calls for Indiana products such as locally grown basil.

    The Indiana Vodka Basil and Lime Rickey will be served at the Crystal Heart Awards Ceremony on October 17. Filmmakers, stars, and sponsors of the festival will be in attendance.

    Indiana Vodka is handmade in small batches using only the finest ingredients from the Heartland.

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